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Turkush is a Multi Genre Hindi Band, based in New Delhi, India . The name has been derived from a Devnagari wo
rd - तरकश, meaning Basket/Container of the Arrows(tir) used by the warriors , army as well as in Hindi mythology by Bhagwaan Ram

The band and its members are dedicated towards the idea of perfect entertainment and take infinite pains to blend the various feelings and emotions
into the different unique genres of music, they play. To date, with various experiments on different styles and songs, Turkush stands united with thei
r very own compositions and music, having withstood the test of time.

The members of the band includes

Parth Sharma : (
Vocals )
A band’s major element is the Vocalist. Turkush proudly possess a self trained semi classical singer Parth, who started his singing
at the age of 6. With time, his passionate vocal skills were more polished after he pursued a training in classical singing. He is one of those few vo
calists who is supremely comfortable with a Sufi­ influenced rendition and can hold his own with a Western Pop/Rock composition. Not only is his god
gifted voice the band’s most prized possession, but being genre­-agnostic and open to new sounds/experiences, means he has a lot of tricks up his
Turkush’ to make sure the audience is entertained. With his soulful ad­libs and lyrical genius, he fittingly represents the dynamic sound of Turk

Vibhor Hasija : ( Keyboards )
Well something that law of nature says, “ there is always a soul to which the body
is attached with.” The soul of Turkush is Vibhor.
Mom’s introduction to music was most likely his first inspiration. He started with his tr
aining in the Indian Classical Music, and through the journey he gradually became a fan of Western music. So we can always find an amalgamation of bot
h the elements of Indian Classical as well as western music in his compositions.

Vibhor, The Mr-on time Keyboardist plays a big role in
adding melody to various songs and to the compositions. He is probably the spine of the band, managing things and thus binding the whole band togethe
r. He is very passionate and dedicated towards the dream of Turkush performing in every corner of the globe.

Sidaque Singh Dadi
ala : ( Drums )
When it comes to the beating of drums, well no one can be better off than this self trained drummer-Sidaque. Not only trustwort
hy by nature, but also soft hearted and kind. With the mix of Punjabi desi beats, he adds new flavours to the compositions. Since a hard core Metallic
a fan, his metal beats adds another level to the environment. Not only his drum beats pulls the crowd, but also his head banging attitude on stage is
a treat to watch !! He also is a big fan of Sufi music. His biggest inspirations are Dave Lombardo, Mike Portnoy and keenly follows Chris Adler.

In his free time, one can find him walking down the streets with his earphones plugged in, or most probably hanging out with his best friends. He al
ways finds talking to new people very interesting.

Harsh Vishnoi : ( Bass )
An enthusiastic musician by nature, Harsh is
popularly identified because of his long hair. Professionally he is a guitarist, bassist and most importantly he is a western vocalist. Experimenting
with music is fun to him. Thus his experiments leads to progressive and psychedelic music which is actually fusion of various metal, jazz, folk, indi
e and soft acoustic components. With a metal backdrop, Harsh is always upto new experiments with an outcome of innovative and creative tune in an
> union of various genres.

Harsh is very humorous as well as very obsessed with his long hair. He writes his own composition and creat
es his own piece of music with the fusion of various approaches. He is highly inspired by the work of Opeth, Steven Wilson, Led Zeppelin, Tesseract, D
ream Theater, Advaita, Goldspot, Coldplay and many more.

Gurpinder Pal Singh : ( Percussions )
Famously known through th
e core team as GPS, Gurpinder
caught Vibhor’s eyes playing tabla at an University competition.
Without wasting time Vibhor proposed th
e idea of including him in the band, and without he too wasting time joined it. He started playing tabla from an age of 11. He was a student of the re
nowned Gurmat Sangeet teacher, Bhai Rashpal Singh Ji. Through his guidance, now GPS plays various ‘taals(tabla beats), along with various other perc
ussion instruments. Thus now he is a versatile percussionist.
Along with adding spice to various rhythms, compositions , he is always awarded w
ith appreciation from his team mates.

Bhavya Mongia : ( Guitars )
The patch specialist, started off at the age of 10, ha
s the ability to play perfect notes on his guitar. He loves to move along with the band, performing and making people dance to the band’s notes. A b
lues lover, along with the follower of Steve Vai and Satriani, he passionately follows his dream of being a great guitarist.

With the a
ppreciation from people, the encouragement from our well wishers along with the dedication and hard work from all the members of the band, we do reall
y promise you a nice and entertaining moment to cherish !!

blessings and cheers !!

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