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About Me

Parhit is the name of a Delhi based Rock Band. PARHIT is a Sanskrit word which

means giving be
nefits to others.But in our way it means serving people with a

blend & touch of Sufi Music with a mixture of fusion rock and Hindustan
i classical,

pop music..So here we stand with PARHIT. PARHIT’s literal origin is “par” a word

of Hindi origin me
aning others and “hit” again from Hindi origin meaning service

and benefit.

The music produced by this music band h
as an influence of self composition. The

Band “PARHIT” insists on creating music that is loved by everyone and which

> helps everyone to forget their pain and loneliness and just tune into Soothing

heart touching music.

Born out of div
erse western pop/rock and

Hindustani Classical influences, PARHIT started in 2012. , With a blend of Sufi &

Urdu music
, we tend to give a different style to our music.

As every band searches for members to complete its line up, Parhit was no
/> different than them here.Hasan and Prabhdeep knew that they had the potential

to make some real music and they had no time to was
te. This ended them up in

adding their band's backbone and Guitarist,Sahil Kumar.

It all started in 2012 with an email
that said, “Seeking a Rock Band”. One thing led

to another and a few months and line-up changes later a core quarter was
br /> finalized. The band draws inspiration from various genres and musicians – evident

in the choice of music that they play.
All of our Band members have some great past experiences and have performed

at various places .All members of this band hav
e great love for music and are fully

enthusiastic for their future.. Some members also have musical backgrounds with

ames like Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan,Ustad Ghulam Abbas Khan,Arvinder Singh

Which are renowed for some great composition and love for thei
r music & Arts.

PARHIT positions itself as a group of students who double up as passionate

musicians.With School student
s and College students, the group’s portfolio is as

diverse as their music. The band is based in New Delhi, India but with a line-up

that boasts of bringing in all corners of our country together...!! So here stands

"PARHIT" with a hope that they wil
l conquere their dreams in a very short

duration, and with the cooperation of everyone they tend to do something big.

he people behind PARHIT are skilled and have new ideas which are implemented

to There performances. Each PARHIT jam session has unique
ness in it.

Current Line-up:

Hasan Khan :: Vocals

Sahil Kumar :: Lead Guitarist

Suraj Neg
i:: Drums & Percussions

Varun Sharma::Bass Guitarist

Kunal Singh::Keyboard & Electronics

gs, Coke Studio , Guns & Roses, U2, Coldplay ,Dream theater,Ustad

Ghulam Sadiq Khan,Ustad Ghulam Abbas khan etc.

sful performances :

1)Opening for “SILSILA”,a Three day Indian classical music festival,Delhi

2)Sufi-Night at Vasant
Vihar club

3)Saturday Night special At THE DEF COL CLUB..

4) Open Jam For BAD-Band Association Of Delhi...

> 5)Special Event for PARHIT’S Launch at ROCK A FELLA

6)Played Delhi’s Biggest Rock Festival for young & upcoming Talents called T

Rythmm Devine Rock Festival,Dwarka & were the winners too..

7)A Corporate Event At Janakpuri

’12,Featuring Indian ocean,At IIT,Roorkie

9)Winter Carnival, Ability Show, Noida

10)Parhit’s Biggest Achievement is
when the band won First price in Battle of

Bands at IIM Rohtak.

11)Played at the New year’s Eve at Meerut,Farm House

12) We were also Invited At Delhi’s Biggest Rock Concert Venue,BLUE FROG and

were Top 4 Amongst the other Sufi Ba

13) Played the festival CORNA’13 at IIITM,Gwalior under the banner of Shankar

Mahadevan Academy.

14) Our Lead Vocalist Belongs to the Traditional Gharana Called Rampur-
Sahaswan Gharana, In which he was invited to perform recently at Young

Ustads Of India

16) We were invited to play for Music Ka Tadka,A reality show yet to be

released at UTV

17)There Are many Videos which Anyone can find on youtube as well as can see

our Official Band’s Page on Fa

We guys are really working hard for our recording,which is yet to be released on

Facebook and other sites..
The biggest Achievement of us was winning the first prize at Youth nexus’14

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